Friday, April 10, 2009

First time with a softsynth

Well, not the first time. But it's my first real attempt to make finished pieces with a softsynth.

I wrote music for my debunking of the film, "What the Bleep Do We Know!?", viewable here: Debunked!

I guess it's not entirely synth related - so bypass this if you're the type of person who gets upset when someone goes off blog.

But all three original synth tracks were created with Logic's built-in synthesizers.


Unknown said...

William, I've absolutely loved your Inside Synthesis tutorials, and this is every bit as good. For the record, I saw this movie when it came out, and you have addressed all of the things about it that would bother anyone who viewed it with anything other than wide-eyed naiveté. Your reasoned and logical arguments call bullsh*t on the latest group of soothsayers to cynically pray on the hopes and fears of the uninformed. Thank you so much for doing this. I look forward to hearing your articulate discussion of any topic, from synthesis to the debunking of pop pseudoscience. Thank you.

-dino meneghin

assman said...

The audio sounded great, and what's excellent is that I would have enjoyed this video regardless. I love debunking videos (almost as much as I love videos about synthesis?)

datapark said...

Is that Marli Matlin? Isn't she deaf? How is she listening to that woman's lecture?

Oh but the unnatural things I would do to her...

Anyhow, this is great and all but when are you going to continue your Inside Synthesis vids?

Bri said...

Hi William - I saw this moive and pretty much came to the same conclusion.

I like the music. Like the stuff you've done with the other videos, it seems to me to have a post-punk/new wave-ish flavor to it; I like it. As far as it being virtual vs. analog, hard to tell, since the youtube sound quality is not the greatest, so it more than passes in this context.

Speaking of virtual vs. true analog - I'm thinking of getting a poly synth, torn between nord wave and prophet 08. No contest in terms of analog sound, but the wave has some cool functionality, and I esp need some kind of mellotron sounds. Short of doing it all via a laptop, the wave sounds like a decent solution.

Also, William - in your prophet review, you say something about the prophet cost/ratio would have come up with "richer" oscillators; this got me thinking, what makes one oscillator richer over another? Would love to know exactly what components make this, or are there schematics on the web anywhere?

Thanks all, b

Jasyn said...

Very nice!

PiP said...

Fantastic! I always enjoy a good debunking. (That's not a double entendre.) Can you elaborate on which softsynths you used, and how? I've been applying your FM tutorial to Ableton's Operator softsynth, and it's been very helpful. Your synth tutorials have excellent pace, and explain concepts succinctly. Hope to see more soon! Thanks.

Sergio said...

Hello! One thing is odvious..
Thaks for your phenomenal work into the inside synthesis videos. Plese follow the big job because are so great!
One more thing. Debunked video has 2 mega wonderful tracks. The first and the last one. Where can we ear it alone without the coments.
Thanks and The best wished for your person.

Unknown said...

Few things irritate me more than pesudoscientific bullshit, so great job on the debunking. The music was awesome to, particularly the outro track. I hope you have a chance to upload some mp3s. I just got a new macbook pro with Logic and it was nice to hear some of what's possible.

Unknown said...

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