Friday, September 12, 2008

Korg DS-10 Review

The Korg DS-10 is released outside Japan on October 14th, complete with translated manuals. Plus, it's only $40.

I didn't mention a feature in the video -- the DS-10 can sync with up to 7 other DS units, like MIDI Time Code. Except it's wireless. I think it's a great feature and some might find it a selling point, but lugging around multiple DS units and a mixer somewhat defeats the purpose I had in mind for it: a portable sketchpad.

I've heard that while the Nintendo DS-Lite has a brighter screen, one of the consequences is more noise on the audio output. I'm interested in confirming that. I'd probably stick with the Lite, since I'd redo anything I wrote on it once at the studio. But I'm curious.