Friday, September 12, 2008

Korg DS-10 Review

The Korg DS-10 is released outside Japan on October 14th, complete with translated manuals. Plus, it's only $40.

I didn't mention a feature in the video -- the DS-10 can sync with up to 7 other DS units, like MIDI Time Code. Except it's wireless. I think it's a great feature and some might find it a selling point, but lugging around multiple DS units and a mixer somewhat defeats the purpose I had in mind for it: a portable sketchpad.

I've heard that while the Nintendo DS-Lite has a brighter screen, one of the consequences is more noise on the audio output. I'm interested in confirming that. I'd probably stick with the Lite, since I'd redo anything I wrote on it once at the studio. But I'm curious.


Anonymous said...

Amazing review. Well done!

Justin said...

Great review. I've been waiting for this for a while now. It's been announced for north america and europe, but no release date's been given yet. Hopefully it's soon!

bastman said...

Hehe, a great review between neccessary facts and jokes. Good work and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good review! THanks

John L said...

Bastard!! :-) I had to get a Nintendo DS because of this. currently inpatiently waiting for my jap release ds-10 to arrive.

Your videos crack me up. great stuff.

Mark C. said...

I totally agree with this test.
I get this software and I am very frustrated by the song editor : without a global song record command, you just can't create melodies more sophisticated that 1 bar !

Greg said...

Excellent stuff. I hope you post lots more reviews as you seem to have a knack for it. I would suggest using a different font for on screen text as it's pretty easy to miss as is, but otherwise it's the most useful review for the DS-10 I could possibly see. Thorough and informative.

David said...

This is awesome, I've been waiting to see this in action for a while now, thanks for reviewing it. Keep up the good work with your blog! More posts more often!! (yes i'm greedy!!! haha) More educational/how to stuff would be great.

Jasyn said...

Great review William. Clear and concise as always. Keep up the good work, it gives me something to do at work.


datapark said...

Great review.
It convinced me not to get it. Unless a DS falls in my hands that is ;)

I've already got microbe for my Palm Pilot and was curious about this software...

Anyhow, more vids, dude!
I keep waiting for your synth tutorial series to continue.

Anonymous said...

GREAT review! But an issue that was not mencioned is the sound quality... It's NOT professional at all, very noisy and really BAD in fact. Not usable for anyone planning to do real music with it. Just a toy.

Anonymous said...

Another great blog post! But speaking of being greedy, where is that FM Synthesis Part 2? Please!

Megatroid said...

Nice review. Just a couple of things you missed that I thought of:
- The drum sequencer has a piano roll too, so you can use a drum part as another synth for bass or subs etc, although its slightly more limited.
- You can route any synth parameter to the kaoss pad, the cutoff/res vol/pan are just the defaults.

Looking forward to the next episode!

Eddy said...

That was a really well researched and implemented review. You explained everything in synthesis terms, rather than game terms, and the video synced with the voice was top-notch. Well done!

harleym said...

Great review. I am just starting out on learning about synthesisers as I have only previously dealt with sequencers and samples. Would it be possible to post your example drum sound settings or other sounds used in the review as examples? I have no idea how this would be annotated but there must be some way of communicating DS-10 settings.

Anonymous said...

The person that mentioned bad sound quality must mean just through the DS's speakers - which is pretty bad.

But you can use the headphone jack, and output the signal to any kind of amp or recorder you like, and then it sounds quite good - good enough for synthesized music beats for sure.

Anonymous said...

And yes, I'm glad you like it, but you are being "greedy" on your minus list. This neat little piece does exactly what the original hardware did PLUS a little bit more.

You're looking for full blown sequencing features which are only available in later hardware and software. This is meant to be a nice simulation of a simple tool, and it could have fallen short of that - and it doesn't.

Great review.

Peri Urban said...

Great review. I'm getting one NOW!

michael nervous said...

this review is now posted at

korg ds-10 blog said...

not much can be said after this.

Anonymous said...

Not just a great review of the DS-10 -- but a genuinely great review!

You should find a paying gig doing this kind of thing. Really.

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