Monday, January 7, 2008

Episode Three : Modular Synthesis - The Basics

Episode Three is online:

Correction #1 - I refer to modulating the amplitude of an audio signal with another audio rate signal as Ring Modulation (RM). I should have said Amplitude Modulation (AM).

RM is certainly related to AM, but there's a distinct difference. RM is implemented in such a way that the carrier and modulator's frequencies are eliminated from the signal. You only hear the sums and difference frequencies of the carrier and modulator, but not the original carrier and modulator frequencies.

Interestingly enough, the AC-coupled circuitry that does RM is ring shaped.

Correction #2 - Neither RM nor AM add harmonic frequencies. They add sidebands of inharmonic frequencies - hence the metallic and dissonant sound.

(Thanks to Javier and Peter on MatrixSynth comments.)


ms2000guy said...

hi, I like the videos you posted. However, I think it would be easier for me to relate to them if you use more common synths like MS2000, microkorg, little phatty and so on.


John said...

Another good video.

If you edit this vid, I have a suggestion. After you make the very basic patch (VCO + EG + VCA), you don't show the effect of changing the amplitude envelope -- instead, you add the VCF and move along. It would be instructive to show what you can do with amplitude shaping alone.

Looking forward to more.

Banquet said...

Another great informative post! Keep them coming.

Would you be up for making drum sounds on a modular at some point ? That would be great.

Anonymous said...

The MS2000 and Little Phatty are hardly analog modulars. Hard to do this episode with them.

Fer_Show said...

Dude, those videos won't work anymore, could you refresh them ??